Goodbye A&P II and Microbiology

I really do hope and intend to write more often as its really kind of therapeutic even though typically I don’t enjoy writing, this is different than my papers for class.

A lot has happened for me since my last post and a lot faster than I have expected but the timing’s been perfect for the flow of my life and I will fill in with future posts to come…It won’t take months to update

Today I’m just going to talk a little about my semester with two pretty heavy classes. Most people typically cringe at the thought of these two classes together but really for most nursing students, if you’re on a timeline of any sort then that’s how it comes out to be. You can’t continue with your anatomy classes until the more basic biology and general education are over with and microbiology can’t be taken until the anatomy classes are done with or are at least in progress.

But breathe-it’s not all terrible

I am here to tell you though, while it’s not a walk in the park it’s not impossible to accomplish with good grades. As I think I posted in another post, I am not a 4.0 student but I do put in my best effort to get the highest grade possible. Finishing the semester, I came out with an A in microbiology and a B in A&P II.

Here’s how it went….

A&P I took completely online, the lecture part of the class required quite a bit of reading and self-teaching to understand the concepts but the online book had a lot of video demonstrations, examples, and tutorials to understand the concepts. While it was pretty time consuming, I felt the instructor provided us with many resources to help us succeed. You might wonder how the lab functioned- we had a digital dissection app that was purchased and used, and while it’s not the same as seeing and touching in person I felt like between my work experience and background along with having taken the class in the past (I had to retake it due to transfer complications going from a quarter based college to semester based, my hours did not correlate) I had enough knowledge-base to feel like it was a successful class for myself.

Microbiology I took as a hybrid class. Our lab was entirely in class and that’s when we took quizzes and tests and lecture was done and submitted online. This was one of my favorite classes, partially because the subject has really always intrigued me quite a bit but I also had an amazing professor. On the first day of class she provided us with a binder that was color-coded, organized and every assignment, lecture summary, and lab were provided and organized by dates. I have never had such an organized professor. Almost anything that required writing, case studies or related assignments were all submitted online. We had a section review for every test and the reviews acted as our study guides. The class did require a lot of studying, making friends and creating study groups for this class were my best methods for success but in general it all paid off.

It may not work for everyone but it did for me….

During this semester, it was not all pretty flowers and happy days. Sometimes between school and work I would be home only enough to eat and sleep and say hello and goodbye to my family but they were really good about it. Some afternoons my little one would come in and ask rolling her eyes if I really had to go to school, or really had to sleep only to go to work again. I would say yes and she would sigh heavily and stomp away. So yes, some days were terrible and I felt guilty, I imagine there will be many more of those days but I’m currently taking it one semester at a time and just working on getting closer to my end goal.





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