Work Load=High…Having a Life Load=Low

I needed to take a brain break from studying so thought I’d write for a few. I am currently taking A&P online and Micro Hybrid, both through Phoenix College. It’s kind of hard to gauge how it’s going since it’s the beginning of the semester but my life is definitely busier. I also switched to work nights (I was on an evening shift) so…. lots of changes and adjustments but with the help of my family….well mostly my husband I am managing decently currently.

I have to say, the first few days before the start of the semester seemed very overwhelming, because majority of the information comes via online format, it was a lot to decipher and weed through before the start of class. Online classes are definitely advantageous in so many ways but, they do tend to challenge your every skill in organization, time management, and general ability to cipher through things to the max.

To begin with, my instructors are AAAMAZING, I think that’s a huge help, I’ve had some great in-person instructors and decent online instructors as well, but these women rank right along with my in-person instructors near the top. For A&P II I have the same instructor as I had for A&P I so there’s a level of comfort and stability that helps with this class. Micro is hybrid so I do get to see the instructor in-person for labs. She is incredibly organized, and her classes are so meticulously laid out that even a person with no knowledge of science would probably feel somewhat comfortable coming into this class. (It’s definitely not an “easy” class, you have to study and learn but you study for what you need to know) and I love that.

My biggest goal this semester…well obviously to pass my classes but really I am making a huge attempt to study every single day. I have to say I am the typical crammer but I have been working really hard to study in bits and pieces in half hour to hour increments…I know that’s the recommended method and I’ve made attempts to do that and just fail at it usually but can I tell you…IT WORKS! It’s been a huge success, I feel a little less stressed and I really feel like I remember more. I don’t know if its reality yet but I feel better about it so it’s a success in my book.

Well, that’s it for my break now…happy studying to all!



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