Everything A&P online…well maybe only some of it!

This post is something I wish I had when I was starting my A&P class online. I’ve take college classes online in the past but never a science and I had no idea what to envision or expect.

To begin with, I think I wrote in an earlier post that I loved the class and I will write it again…for what it was I really did enjoy it.

Soo here’s my experience with the class and how it worked…

  • The class was fully online, all lab, lecture and even quizzes


  • It required a lot of self-motivation to sit down and read through the chapter. I personally sat down and took notes with every chapter so I had a reference of what to know when I wasn’t at my computer.


  • For every chapter the instructor had an outline of the chapter, an outline of what we needed to study, practice quizzes and puzzles to help review the chapter. (The practice quizzes and puzzles were initially what I did least but realized they were some of the most useful tools)


  • The instructor was pretty readily available and replied to questions pretty quickly


This class was by no means a breeze, in fact I really had to focus on every chapter so I could ensure that I learned the material for quizzes. Our quizzes were timed to allow only a minute per questions.


Lab was done via a virtual dissector, for what couldn’t be dissected via the program we were provided with other resources and links to be able to view everything we needed to see.

Generally I felt it was a pretty comprehensive class and I felt like I learned more this way than some of my other classes I have taken in person. Part of it, is being comfortable with learning by myself, I want to add teaching myself as well but I didn’t really teach myself I just utilized the information the instructor provided for us.

The other part was just being accountable for myself and having family to keep me accountable… Our living space is small and limited and although getting distracted is too easy to do, I knew that my time was limited. (Usually I study late at night after work and I get an hour or two in before it gets unproductive). If I got distracted, my husband would encourage me to get back on task or some nights he would just send me to bed (he was pretty aware of where I was school work wise). So having him there even for the basic support has been extremely helpful.

This class ended up being a great option for my busy schedule, I felt like I had enough motivation, determination and support to get through it and it worked out for me. I kind of went into the class blindly in that it was a very new method for the class and I was going back to school after a few years off but I’m really glad I decided to try it this way.


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