Take 2- And its Official!

So a few days ago I went back to make a second attempt at my nursing application. I was more nervous this time around than I was the first. Even though I went through the checklist of requirements along with what the advisor gave me and was convinced I had everything, there was still the ounce of doubt that I could be missing something. I took my husband with me again (this time intentionally).

-One piece of advice…don’t visit the student center right before the beginning of the semester…it was a really looonng wait! Even with the text notification of what place in line you are it took forever. I showed up when I was marked third in line and was still there for over an hour.

Things I brought with me to meet with the advisor…

-My fingerprint clearance card (can’t be a copy)

-My HESI-the detailed results of them

-My application for the program, I had it pre-filled and the advisor just went through and signed off on everything.

-All my grades and transcripts were verified via my profile.

The process went pretty quickly and smoothly. I received a time and date stamp of 1/7/2016 @159 (at this point I’m not 100% sure if its the official time stamp as it was written due to a computer problem but I’m going with what I’ve got)…. More on the computer problem- the colleges are in the midst of changing databases and are not sure what to do currently. The advisor gave me a copy of my time and date  and at this point it’s just a waiting game…. and everybody knows waiting is the hardest part.

When they get a new database system is when students are supposed to hear back based on what I understood, otherwise its an unknown for everyone currently…including the advisors. As soon as I get an update I will post and update otherwise, I will be plugging away at A&P II and Microbiology.



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