Nursing Application Submission-Take 1

I expected only one post for this but there will be a take 2 as I still have my application in my hand and it was definitely not submitted.

It was kind of a rough day in general and me finding out that I don’t in fact have everything I need was kind of disheartening. Luckily my husband came with me, which was a blessing in a lot of ways. After the initial shock of bad news as I was completely sure that I was prepared, I kind of had a hard time focusing… there was a lot information from the advisor and I felt like he listened and asked all the right questions for me.

Sooo…take someone with you would be my suggestion, just in case.

Whether it be a friend or a family member, when you go to turn in your application I would suggest bringing someone with you. Because you know hindsight is always 20/20. I honestly didn’t think about having someone with me but, it was my one day off, we had a lot of errands to run so it just happened he tagged along and I’m really glad he did.

Some background on requirements and what happened in my situation-

  • (Don’t take my information as gospel-make sure to check with colleges and advisors on what you need)

Currently the program pre-reqs include:

-Fundemental Chem (they do take H.S. chem)

-Bio 201- anatomy and phys 1

-Eng 101

-Math 140 or higher

…These classes are required to be completed for you to turn in your application (they also need a HESI score and the level 1 finger print clearance card.

In my situation I thought I had everything-

I was using my H.S chemistry for the chem requirement because although I took it in college it didn’t transfer completely. Because I took the class at a quarter based college and Phoenix runs on semesters that shorted me hours.

I got caught up with that class because although I had a H.S. transcript on file with them, it wasn’t the official one. Luckily the H.S. transcript was not hard to request, the lady mailed it out the same day and it happened for free (I graduated 10yrs ago and thought it was going to be a difficult process).

My next problem was my HESI test-which some people may find interesting if you’ve considered tech schools as an option… Before I started looking into the Maricopa nursing program I was looking into tech schools, I really did a lot of research with Brookline College and ended up taking my HESI with them. (If you met with an advisor, the HESI was free which I thought was great. It turns out they don’t post your score on the official site ) I ended up paying the $40, retaking the test and came out with an even higher score so it was a win-win for me.

I came out of the office with my head hung low but then I realized a few things…with my husbands help.

#1 I only really had two things to fix

#2 After thinking through the tasks they weren’t as daunting as they seemed

#3 I could still get this done by my end of January deadline that I had set for myself

And now there will be a Take 2…!



2 thoughts on “Nursing Application Submission-Take 1

  1. Wow, im sorry that happened to you but, im glad you are still able to meet the January application period. I’m blogging my journey too. Ive most of my prereqs at Phoenix but, ill be apllying to Gateway cep program. Still have Spring and summer prereqs before I can apply. I’ll be following your journey 🙂 feel free to check mine out too!

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    1. Thank you for the kind words and for checking out the page, I will have to do the same. It’s great to have a couple places to read about the process and be able to have a guide and learn because it’s so different for everyone. 🙂

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