Getting my Feet Wet…

I feel like starting things is really hard to do. From starting this blog, to me getting the ball rolling to get back into school, to everything else I’ve ever started. My name is Olga, I am currently a lab assistant/phlebotomist in Arizona and I have started the ball rolling again on getting into nursing school. I started a while ago but life happened and nursing did not so it’s round two. Now, to get the story straight, I have not been accepted into a program yet but am not far away. I have one more A&P class to take then I can send my application in. With this I hope to document my progress and help myself escape when I need to in the process.


I am taking a non-traditional route (or what seems non-traditional currently) as it’s what’s most affordable for our family. I am going for my associates in nursing through the community college and after, hope to bridge it with a BSN afterwards. I know…I know it will probably put limitations on employment in hospitals but I’m going for it and hoping for the best. My plan is to attend one of the colleges through Maricopa Community Colleges Nursing, their requirements are not overwhelming and, while I do not plan to attend in this route, they now have a CEP (Concurrent Enrollment Program) through local and non-local universities to obtain your BSN while working on your associates.


The process has seemed very lengthy for me, but now that I’ve got it figured out, I’m a little more relieved and it’s smoother sailing. I started by transferring my credits from a community college where I took most of my pre-reqs but did not finish. It was kind of a pain as I previously attended a quarter based college but phoenix community colleges are semester based so…a lot of my classes did not transfer over. Many of my science credits became science electives but with combining some of the classes and waiving some more basic classes with instructors, I finally got registered and am scheduled to start class in a little over a month.


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